Why Parfait Street?

Fri, 26 Nov 2021

There is a wanderlust that lies beneath every person. But very few of them can make it happen. One of the major issues that forbid people from traveling is money. Not everyone can afford the luxury while traveling to a different country. 

Why Parfait Street?

What makes it different from the other staying options?

There are various staying options available. If you book a hotel that will definitely hurt your wallet. If you are a backpacker, you may seek a Couchsurfing host, but they are not always welcoming.  The pandemic has made it more difficult to host.

While staying in  Parfait Street gives you the freedom to live in your own way. You don’t have to be dependent. You don’t have to face food adulteration. Just buy the grocery from the nearest supermarket and cook your own food in your own flavor.

Whether you are visiting India for cultural exploration or any educational internship. Whatever your business may be, we don’t ask that. Parfait Street will give you the full-fledged feeling of your own home. 

You definitely do not want to leave your pet alone since he/she is like a family member. We understand your emotions attached to your pets and hence they are allowed to stay with the guest.

We have a Yoga and Meditation session in the morning at Parfait Street to give you the aura of Indian Culture. There is a Yoga trainer for assistance. This will keep you refreshed throughout the day & would ensure you will achieve your maximum productivity.

At Parfait Street, We ensure to deliver a world-class staying experience for our guests while maintaining their privacy and security.