Why Are Serviced Apartments the Best Staying Option for Your Holiday Accommodation?

Fri, 26 Nov 2021

When you are planning your next vacation, it is very crucial to find perfect accommodation in your favorite location. Opting for a serviced apartment can offer you a catalog of benefits, whether you are spending a holiday in your favorite city abroad or chilling on a luxury staycation. Read further to understand why Parfait Street could hold the key to your ultimate vacation experience.

Why Are Serviced Apartments the Best Staying Option for Your Holiday Accommodation?

 An Ideal Staying  Option for Families, Friends or Couple

Worried about the comfort of your family or friends? Obviously, it would be the uttermost concern. A Serviced Apartment holds a setup of comfortable private bedrooms and common living spaces where you can enjoy Netflix.  Unlike the Hotel Rooms, in a serviced apartment you can attend your virtual meeting from your room while your partner can enjoy the view outside.

Want to create a jamming session or organize meals and drinks with friends? Parfait Street got you covered with a spacious central living space. Serviced Apartment can accommodate a no. of persons without any discomfort. 

You are excited about your next visit abroad. Obviously, you want to try the local cuisine to explore the flavors. Meanwhile, you are worried about your food adulteration.  Serviced Apartment gives you the freedom to cook the food in your own way, however you want. The convenience, amenities, and freedom provided by serviced apartments mean you’ll feel like home.

Value for Money

Compared to a premium hotel, a serviced apartment always has an edge when you are planning for longer stays like for a week or a month. Despite the awesome facilities and space service apartments can provide, they are one of the inexpensive staying options.  Regarding your service, an in-house team in co-operation with the host is always ready to provide you personalized services.

Features and Facilities

The real selling feature of a serviced apartment is its superior and wide spectrum of features and facilities.  Every apartment is unique on its own with a different corresponding set of features.  This includes at least - fully furnished kitchen, elegant living space, and housekeeping. But surprisingly you can enjoy pools, yoga, and fitness centers, bars, and private cinema rooms if they are provided by your host that can make your stay more luxurious.

 The options to cook and eat together can make your staying atmosphere like an in-home-from-home experience. 

Serviced Apartments can transform your living into a memorable and unforgettable experience by taking care of your privacy, security, and personalized specific needs.