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Fri, 16 Sep 2022

There’s no place like home. Well, that’s 100% true!

Besides bending with contemporary design and unique conveniences, it is also the ideal weekend travel home retreat at a reasonable cost. Discover more about the best homestays in Gurgaon on Parfait Street. We offer the best service apartment, in Gurgaon which provides a home-like experience. It is designed considering the International amenities. So that you can feel at home wherever you go!!.

What are Furnished Apartments? An excerpt by the best homestays in Gurgaon

Furnished flats are apartments that come completely furnished with everything you need to live comfortably. They may be hired for an extended amount of time, which is far less expensive than staying in a hotel for the same length of time. Hotels are frequently crowded and noisy, whereas the best homestays in Gurgaon that are furnished provide far more solitude. Compared to hotels, we have homestays with all basic amenities such as Wi-Fi, a washing machine, and a fully equipped kitchen a well as they are pet friendly. If you need to travel for more than a month, Homelike will be your home away from home. Parfait Street offer the best service apartments which provide a home-like experience.

What makes Furnished Apartments Exclusive?

Furnished flats are an excellent alternative to hotels since they are up to 40% less expensive in the long term. There is a significant degree of disruption at hotels due to boisterous visitors in the halls or their rooms. Because there is no continual stream of new guests, furnished flats provide a lot of peace and seclusion. The apartments usually have their entrance, which adds to the degree of luxury and seclusion as well as the homestays with all basic amenities.

Another significant difference is the ability to be self-sufficient. Hotel kitchens frequently close at a certain hour, and relying on restaurants and cafes at night might become prohibitively expensive. Fully furnished apartments have a kitchen, allowing you to cook for yourself. Because the rental marketplace in major cities is sometimes oversaturated, furnished flats are an excellent source of temporary housing. Finding appropriate accommodation, whether you are a student, an ex-pat, or on a business trip, is not always easy. Signing an annual contract may be dangerous, especially when time is important. Furnished flats are terminable on a monthly basis, making them an excellent option for seeing the city first and finding a permanent abode later.

Wi-Fi and washing machines are provided in furnished flats. You won’t have to worry about signing an internet contract or paying hotel expenses. Simply move in and unwind in the best homestays in Gurgaon.


What makes Parfait Street Best Service Furnished Apartments?

We have an Indo-European-inspired and Indo-Korean-themed service apartment that offers sumptuous accommodation in a central location of Gurugram. These homestays with all basic amenities that leave everything you wish as everything has been designed, keeping your comfort in mind. Whether you have planned a sightseeing trip with friends or want to cook a meal for your family as per your preference, the accommodation provides spectacular panoramic views and strives for a pleasant homelike stay with a completely furnished kitchen comprising a microwave kettle, bakeware, coffeemaker, chopsticks, etc. We also provide bathrobes, children’s books and toys, Wi-Fi, a washing machine, a TV and a private entrance.


We respect different nationalities and provide kitchen utensils and other facilities according to their comfort. This distinguishes Parfait apartments from the hotels you usually stay in and makes it the best homestay in Gurgaon. Besides this, there is a musical setup in the living room that you can interface to your cell phone via Bluetooth, offering a soothing respite for your trip. Grant yourself a weekend treat at our apartment to rejuvenate and revive. The huge and spacious parfait apartment has a range of quintessential amenities such as a high-quality mattress, a refrigerator, cookware, an elevator, an espresso and a cappuccino coffee maker to make your stay more delightful than a Moka pot. Every accommodation is endowed and decorated distinctively. The linen on the beds is of the finest quality. The satellite channels are also included on LCD screens. The visitors enjoy their own fully furnished kitchen with all the necessities required for a comfortable stay. It is also a pet-friendly service apartment near me. Bathrobes and leisure toiletries are also supplemented in the restrooms. Guests can access the complimentary wireless Wi-Fi connection to surf. You can also find us in the most common Google searches such as pet-friendly service apartments near me.


Similarly, we also have provided desks in the apartments among the business-friendly attributes provided in the respective apartment. Also, the pantry is stocked with exquisite 100% coffee and refreshing black/green teas from the country’s finest estates. You can cook your meal in the kitchen provided by us. Additionally, a Bluetooth speaker is incorporated into the living room for those spectacular musical evenings!


Remember that nothing conveys “We love you “more than the plethora of breakfast items on the menu. For your “bon appétit” in bed, Parfait Santé stacks your breakfast platter with fresh fruits, sandwiches, toast with preserves, eggs, mashed potatoes, or Indian savoury parathas with a beverage of your choice (coffee, tea or a glass of milk).

If you’re unable to go out, stay home and prepare your favourite meals in your kitchenette. All utensils and equipment are included. We’ll even stock the fridge with your favourite products before you come if you request them. Lean into the town with the best service apartments ranging from a studio to a three-bedroom suite. Meet other foreign visitors in our peaceful social areas, and then explore the neighbouring dining, shopping, and recreational opportunities. Our executive apartments’ professional and friendly staff love introducing you to traditional and modern culture in gateway cities around Europe, Asia, and Latin America.


You’ll have access to everything you need and desire during your visit, including stylish furniture, luxury bedding, separate sleeping, living, and working areas, DVD and CD players, and more.

Our serviced apartments will amaze you with spaces to stretch out and sumptuous facilities with sophisticated décor, whether you’re working overseas, moving, or visiting with your family. Eating, living, and workplace areas are all segregated. Gourmet kitchens are available. Large floor plans. Fitness and business centres are available. Housekeeping. Dedicated personnel and security are available 24*7. All this from a brand you know and love: Parfait the best service apartments.


So, what are you waiting for!!

Start your vacay mode in the heart of India with an unforgettable trip that will leave you reminiscing for years to come!

Travel Homes by Parfait Street

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