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Wed, 27 Apr 2022

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Gurgaon is well-known for its corporate work culture, international corporations, and gleaming high-rise buildings. The Banjara Market thrives amid this urban lifestyle, with a culture distinct from the rest of the suburbs. The name Banjara was derived from the nomadic clan of Rajasthan of the very same title, who came from the city of Chittoor and have chosen this location as their permanent residence for over 15 years. Banjara market is a great gem for sprucing up your house.

After viewing all of the beautiful home décor videos on YouTube or through Instagram and Pinterest, we've all wanted to decorate our houses. But it's challenging since, well, home design goods can be very pricey, and not everyone can afford a total revamp, could we? So we decided to take our furniture and décor quest to Gurgaon's famed Banjara Market, a visiting spot near our best service apartments, Gurgaon. It's a massive furnishings, and home décor flea market wherein one can get everything from doorknobs to stunning and delicately crafted entire mahogany mirrors at rock-bottom prices.

You'll come across a roadside market offering various fashionable, colourful, and quirky furniture and home décor product. It lies near the popular heritages of Delhi . It is difficult for people passing to overlook the long Banjara Market.

The market is horizontally stretched and rather convoluted, with over 50 stores operating out of improvised canopies and crumbling asphalt. The 20-year-old market has grown immensely popular among locals wishing to adorn their homes economically and elegantly due to the meticulous recording by video bloggers.

The banjaras sell used or damaged home décor items. These objects are most definitely not handcrafted or produced by the locals. These are factory-made, machine-made things. Please do not believe the videos and blog postings that claim this. These things are inexpensive because they have minor flaws or cracks.

Some were created as "samples" for multinational décor brands by Indian export enterprises. However, they were most likely rejected and, in this market, in a large pile. After a season, there may be an excess of collections. That would make you realize those enormous pieces of Christmas décor!

The market offers a veritable buffet of everything required for interior décor. However, when buying around, one must have a keen eye. Most of the furnishings are old and repaired, and the décor pieces have been scooped up and arranged haphazardly, so a few may have flaws or cracks. In recent years, the market has become a popular shopping destination for bureaucracies, expatriates, couples and families setting up new apartments, sophisticates, visitors, and enthused buyers seeking uniquely beautiful décor pieces at reasonable prices. Our homelike homestays in Gurgaon are located at a small distance from the market.

If you're interested in interior design, you're probably aware of how expensive antique and metalware products can be at branded stores. However, you will not only discover a wide choice of such stuff here, but they will also not charge you a high price for them. They may offer higher costs, but you will undoubtedly win big in this market if you are skilled at haggling.


Antiques vary from wood items to certain other materials and can also vary in kind, so if you have a contemporary look, you will discover articles that interest you. If you have a classical Indian culture , taste, you also will find antiquities to interest you.

Mirrors are currently quite fashionable among home décor lovers. Mirrors create the sense of a larger, more open area, which is why they are so popular. Mirrors abound at the Banjara bazaar. Mirrors of various forms, patterns, and sizes are available to meet your needs. This market is, without a doubt, nirvana for anyone who enjoys purchasing wooden home decor. You will discover a wide range of wooden objects with wonderful carvings and colours at very reasonable prices.


So, what are you waiting for?

Visit the best homestays in Gurgaon, offered by Parfait Street and enjoy your visit at the cheapest flea market of Gurgaon with a cup of tea and sizzling street-food.

The women of the tribes mostly control the show. Women of various ages are active in all aspects of the market's operations throughout the day, whether setting up, painting, cleaning, negotiating, trading, cooking, selling, or simply supervising. They are friendly, charming, and fierce in their relationships. They are of all ages, yet they appear to be linked by a common thread of similar clothing and accessories and a sense of togetherness.

The farther you travel into the innards of Gurgaon's Banjara market, the better the offer becomes. Some of them even give stuff away for the negotiated price.

The banjara market has a broad variety of chinaware items available, ranging from jars to pots and plates to glasses. These pots and everything else is also far less expensive than normally available. As a result, you must buy a piece or so from here. This market has a large selection of small things. You may also get small home décor because they are not very pricey. There is a broad choice of many things that you can find out once you get to the Banjara market; this market is the best spot to acquire home décor products even if you are not good at negotiating.

Sight Located Service Apartments In Gurgaon

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